LEGO Long Jump?

This isn't usually what I would post about, but recently, I came across a video of some guys who have found a new use for their treasured LEGO bricks: LEGO Long Jump. I'm sure the best of us have inevitably found ourselves cursing after unfortunately stepping on a misplaced LEGO brick, but these guys have … Continue reading LEGO Long Jump?

‘This is not a Brick’

If there's one thing LEGO attempts to convey in their advertising messages, it is that LEGO brings joy. With touches of childlike humour, an emphasis on the limit of possibilities being only one's imagination, and encouragement to 'build together', LEGO conveys a powerful message about the value of a brick, and the limitlessness of a … Continue reading ‘This is not a Brick’

How LEGO Therapy is Helping Children’s Self-Esteem

With the increasing number of advertisements and products promoting an 'ideal' image of consumers, the concept of self-esteem has been of growing concern, particularly in regards to young, impressionable children. From just a few years old, children are exposed to countless products which often have lasting impacts on their self-esteem (most often in a negative … Continue reading How LEGO Therapy is Helping Children’s Self-Esteem

Constructive Creativity and Imaginative Ideas

Pavlov's model of Classical Conditioning is, personally, one of the most interesting aspects of marketing I've studied. From its origin as an experiment studying dog salivation patterns, to how it's been applied to marketing campaigns and consumer learning, there's so much to discuss about the learning model, and I could honestly go on about the … Continue reading Constructive Creativity and Imaginative Ideas

Brick by Brick: How LEGO Became the World’s Leading Toy Manufacturer

LEGO: It's a boys toy. LEGO: Inspiring Creativity Often regarded as the world's leading toy producer, LEGO has managed to capture and retain the interest of children and adults all over the world. Through their creativity and innovative thinking, they've positioned themselves ahead of their competitors to dominate the toy brick market, producing over 19 … Continue reading Brick by Brick: How LEGO Became the World’s Leading Toy Manufacturer

Online Dating and the Paradox of Choice

“Lost my lighter so I’m looking for a match,” he says. Well, now he’s got hundreds. And every time one burns out, he simply moves on to the next. Dating apps nowadays have turned us all into marketers. That’s essentially what we’re doing, aren’t we? Marketing ourselves to a target audience in hopes they'll be … Continue reading Online Dating and the Paradox of Choice

Marketing: Satisfying Wants or Creating Them?

As a marketing student, the question that I find arising most often is: 'Do marketers actually create artificial wants in consumers, or merely satisfy preexisting ones?' Prior to writing this post I had believed the latter, however, with the existence of many conflicting opinions by various individuals in the field, I decided to look further … Continue reading Marketing: Satisfying Wants or Creating Them?

Retail Therapy in a Digital World

Before beginning this post, I found myself scrolling aimlessly through Why? I don't know. Maybe it's because I was bored; maybe it's because they had a sale; or maybe it's because retail therapy has become so integrated with our lives that we don't even realise we're partaking in it anymore. In the same way … Continue reading Retail Therapy in a Digital World