BCM 325 – It Keeps Getting Beta

If you haven’t already, read my original digital artefact pitch here, and the first two instalments of my digital artefact here and here.

My digital artefact beta is essentially a progress update on my blog series. Since my pitch, only minor changes have been made to my major work (slide 6), including broadening my audience to include aspiring and established professionals in the entertainment business, as opposed to those in the music industry specifically, and replacing my concluding audio piece with a YouTube video to better complement my digital artefact. Aside from these small adjustments to my original plan, my initial concept (slide 2) and methodology (slide 5) remain as originally proposed.

My beta presentation also highlights the extensive research conducted since beginning my digital artefact (slide 10), and the feedback received from peers (slide 7) and users (slide 16) in response to my major work thus far. After reflecting on each of these, I have come up with two further strategies to implement moving forward: (i) incorporating hashtags in my announcement tweets to reach a wider and more specific audience than my existing followers; and (ii) sharing my blog posts to relevant subreddits or other online communities to reach a greater audience within my particular niche.

Going forward, my next step is to write, publish and share the third instalment in my blog series, focused on the value of internships. Following this, I will collect the feedback from all three blog posts, along with key findings from research conducted throughout the semester, and develop a new career plan. I will also reflect on the current music landscape as a result of changing technologies and the impact of COVID-19, and utilise these insights when justifying my decisions going forward.

Additional resources to be used for future discussion:
1. Everything You Need to Know About the Impact of COVID-20 on Festivals
2. Coronavirus Pandemic Puts Festivals in Holding Pattern
3. COVID-19 Impact On Festivals and Events Explored
4. Festivals Post-Covid-19
5. Music Festivals Plan for Phased Return in 2021 after Covid Wipeout
6. Report Shows Festivals Will Play Key Role In Our Post COVID Revival
7. COVID-19 Is Totally Changing Concerts and Music Festivals – That Isn’t A Bad Thing
8. The Future of Streaming and Music Marketing Post Covid-19

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13 thoughts on “BCM 325 – It Keeps Getting Beta

  1. Hi Taylor, firstly your project idea is such an interesting topic and incredibly beneficial to an amazing niche audience! I love how you have incorporated your own personal future goals into this project!

    I think the switch from a final audio piece to a Youtube video is great because not only will it give you a change to employ visuals but it will also give your digital artefact a wider reach and hopefully more engagement! As you are targeting your project towards people in the entertainment industries, this format also aligns more with the types of media these people are more likely to consume.

    Your ability to think critically about feedback is great in choosing what to change and what to stick to. Perhaps it would be valuable to look into ways of increasing your engagement with your blog specifically? Using hyperlinks, asking questions and making the content more interactive may be a way to increase likes and comments on your WordPress. Also sharing to platforms such as reddit is a good idea! Here are some subreddits that link well to your topic:

    Overall your academic and background research is strong and I can see how passionate you are about this topic! Looking forward to seeing where your final project goes xx


  2. Hey Taylor, let me just start off by saying wow, this is such an interesting concept and I personally think that it is really great that you are able to use this digital artefact to inspire and drive other aspiring event and marketing managers to accomplish their dreams within this industry as well as your own. This proves that your Digital Artefact is very practical and relevant to your target audience.

    The idea of posting 3 blog posts relating to your hopefully future career in the music industry is great and I think it was a good decision to change your final audio piece to a visual video on YouTube as it will be more engaging and enjoyable for your audience. Here is an article I found which may help you to achieve a professional and interesting video. https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/6162974

    As you know, covid-19 has changed so many careers, I wonder: What will the music industry look like in the future? Are there changes and unexpected alterations that these aspiring individuals should be aware of? https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0268401220309890 Hopefully this article can help you find information that would be helpful for you to share!
    I also suggest finding a Reddit or Facebook group that you can share your blog to ( https://www.facebook.com/Artistmanagementonline ). Although, if this doesn’t seem to work it would definitely be helpful for you to direct message individuals within this industry (can be found from these groups) and promote your blog to them to support your journey.

    Overall, this is a great concept and I wish you nothing but success in your future career. 🙂


  3. Hey Taylor, first of all, I just wanna say that I really enjoyed your beta video and your overall digital artifact idea. Creating a blog series is a great way for you to discuss the necessary steps you need to take to further your future in event management and marketing in the music industry. Concluding with a video piece instead of an audio piece will definitely be more engaging. This will also be a great way for you to sum up your overall digital artifact and show your audience what you have created and dive into what you intend on doing in the future post-university.

    You took on your peers feedback from your pitch video well and decided that you should stick with your original plan with your volunteering and internship blogs. I understand that these are two separate roles that you can acquire in a business and respect that you decided to keep them separate. As this digital artifact is about your future career, I can tell how much effort you are putting into this and found it hard to critique you in many areas. I did, however, believe you should implement lecture content into your blog posts and final video piece as it shows your engagement and makes for a stronger digital artifact overall. I know you touched on the lecture concepts in the beta video but if you can implement these concepts into your last blog post and video piece topics, you will have an even stronger digital artifact.

    For your final video piece, you stated before you were struggling with engagement so I thought I would do some research for you into creating a more engaging video piece. The link below gives out seven tips on creating a morse engaging video piece and I believe it will help you in the final step of your digital artifact. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_7oNohuxgo
    I also found this blog which gives you eight tips on how to create an engaging blog that you could use in your final blog post. All the tips are very useful and I believe you could implement these into your work now and in your future career ambitions. https://www.walsworth.com/blog/8-tips-for-writing-engaging-blog-posts

    I believe you will create a great final digital artifact. You are clearly very passionate about this as it is your future career and I know you want to create something engaging and special. Creating a strong final blog and video piece will be the cherry on top of what you have already created. All the best in your final weeks, I’m sure you will smash it!



  4. Hey Taylor! This is a really solid DA and I’m honestly a little jealous of how well thought through your career plan is.

    The overall structure of the DA being in the form of a series of blog posts and a singular video is really good as it allows you to go into specific detail on each area and takes into consideration your peer feedback. As a few other people that have commented have already said, sharing your content on Reddit would be a really good way to get additional feedback by sharing to relevant subreddits and through asking specific questions.

    The only thing that I think you need to improve on is further linking to the subject content, specifically at the role technology will play in the future of the music industry. A couple of examples I can think of would be the role of virtual reality and holograms as I think both of these will play a role in the way we experience live music especially after Covid. This Forbes article (https://www.forbes.com/sites/legalentertainment/2021/02/09/the-future-of-live-events-ar-vr-and-advertising/?sh=616bf6bc2b65) would be really good to read as I think it talks about a lot of elements impacting the industry that you could relate to your DA and the subject content.

    Overall, this is an amazing DA and I look forward to seeing the final project come together!


  5. Hey Tay,
    I’d like to start off by saying I love your long-term goals for this Digital Artefact that you have chosen. Being inspired by your future career and incorporating your interests into this assignment has definitely allowed for motivation and drive. Love it!

    I personally enjoy watching video pieces over audio as it’s engaging and creates more meaning behind what you are trying to say, so I believe that was a great decision to use Youtube.

    If I could suggest anything, I would say incorporate Instagram and Facebook into your Digital Artefact as it is not only a source that allows you to expand your audience but it’s a place you can include a link that can bring viewers to your youtube video.

    Lastly, thinking back to subject material there is a vast variety of information that links to your Digital Artifact that could be really useful. For example, in week 9 we looked into Cyberpunk. Cyberpunk is important because of the way it imagines the transformation of the creative industries and the future of entertainment. Look into the readings under the name ‘The Dark Side: representing science fiction in drum ‘n’ bass’. It really gives you an insight into the future of entertainment!!

    Click to access The%20Dark%20Side%20representing%20science%20fiction%20in%20drum%20n%20bass.pdf

    Overall love your idea and passion towards this project and can’t wait to see what you come up with!!


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