BCM 325 – It Keeps Getting Beta

If you haven’t already, read my original digital artefact pitch here, and the first two instalments of my digital artefact here and here.

My digital artefact beta is essentially a progress update on my blog series. Since my pitch, only minor changes have been made to my major work (slide 6), including broadening my audience to include aspiring and established professionals in the entertainment business, as opposed to those in the music industry specifically, and replacing my concluding audio piece with a YouTube video to better complement my digital artefact. Aside from these small adjustments to my original plan, my initial concept (slide 2) and methodology (slide 5) remain as originally proposed.

My beta presentation also highlights the extensive research conducted since beginning my digital artefact (slide 10), and the feedback received from peers (slide 7) and users (slide 16) in response to my major work thus far. After reflecting on each of these, I have come up with two further strategies to implement moving forward: (i) incorporating hashtags in my announcement tweets to reach a wider and more specific audience than my existing followers; and (ii) sharing my blog posts to relevant subreddits or other online communities to reach a greater audience within my particular niche.

Going forward, my next step is to write, publish and share the third instalment in my blog series, focused on the value of internships. Following this, I will collect the feedback from all three blog posts, along with key findings from research conducted throughout the semester, and develop a new career plan. I will also reflect on the current music landscape as a result of changing technologies and the impact of COVID-19, and utilise these insights when justifying my decisions going forward.

Additional resources to be used for future discussion:
1. Everything You Need to Know About the Impact of COVID-20 on Festivals
2. Coronavirus Pandemic Puts Festivals in Holding Pattern
3. COVID-19 Impact On Festivals and Events Explored
4. Festivals Post-Covid-19
5. Music Festivals Plan for Phased Return in 2021 after Covid Wipeout
6. Report Shows Festivals Will Play Key Role In Our Post COVID Revival
7. COVID-19 Is Totally Changing Concerts and Music Festivals – That Isn’t A Bad Thing
8. The Future of Streaming and Music Marketing Post Covid-19

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