BCM 302 Digital Artefact

Background This semester, I decided to continue my existing digital artefact, a music blog called Listen Loud which features up-and-coming artists in the punk, rock and alternative genres. As someone who is extremely passionate about the music industry and digital marketing, I felt this was the most productive use of this opportunity, as it would … Continue reading BCM 302 Digital Artefact


BCM 302 Peer Reviews – Part 2: The Beta

Peer Review 1: Charlea Schembri Originally, Charlea's digital artefact involved the continuation of her existing social media manager role for Australian athleisure brand Colossal Culture. However, due to a number of circumstances beyond her control, this project quickly became too difficult to manage, and she decided to return to a previous digital artefact – the … Continue reading BCM 302 Peer Reviews – Part 2: The Beta

BCM 302 Digital Artefact Beta

October marks the final month of my four-year-long university journey. As such, this semester was my final opportunity to produce a digital artefact, so I wanted to develop something that would best prepare me for entering the workforce in the coming months. Having run Listen Loud – my music blog for fans of the punk, rock and alternative genres – since mid-2020, I decided early on that the continuation of this project would best benefit myself as I'd be able to demonstrate my commitment to a long-term project, and a variety of skills practiced in the process. Additionally, as entertainment business management is a competitive field to penetrate, with limited entry-level employment opportunities available, Listen Loud would also help me stand out against other future applicants by enhancing my existing portfolio.

BCM 302 Peer Reviews – Part 1: The Pitch

The first pitch I reviewed was 'Colossal Culture' by Charlie Schembri. I was super excited by her project as, like my own, its primary objective is to enhance her employability in the near future in a brand management capacity. Specifically, she will be continuing her existing role as social media coordinator for fitness fashion brand Colossal Culture via the brand's official Instagram page.

BCM 302 Digital Artefact Pitch

From my personal experience seeking out digital marketing internships and entry-level positions in the Australian music industry, along with extensive research conducted on how to kickstart a career in entertainment business during previous iterations of my digital artefact, I'm very aware of the limited employment opportunities available for students and recent graduates, and the competitiveness this promotes in applicants. Upon realising how difficult it would be to secure an industry position following the completion of my degree, I decided to expand my portfolio by launching my own music blog, Listen Loud.