BCM 114 Digital Artefact Pitch

My digital artefact is the continuation of my existing music blog, Listen Loud, to address the problem of limited and competitive entry-level employment opportunities in the Australian music industry. With equal passions for live music and digital marketing, this project will contribute to the expansion of my professional portfolio to support my application for industry positions following the completion of my degree. To do so, my primary focus this semester will be on expanding the Listen Loud community through the further development and optimisation of my Instagram and Facebook accounts, and creation, curation and communication of content.

BCM 302 Digital Artefact Pitch

From my personal experience seeking out digital marketing internships and entry-level positions in the Australian music industry, along with extensive research conducted on how to kickstart a career in entertainment business during previous iterations of my digital artefact, I'm very aware of the limited employment opportunities available for students and recent graduates, and the competitiveness this promotes in applicants. Upon realising how difficult it would be to secure an industry position following the completion of my degree, I decided to expand my portfolio by launching my own music blog, Listen Loud.

Content Creation, Control & Copyright: Protecting Intellectual Property

As I'm sure many others born in the late nineties can relate to, some of my fondest childhood memories involve trips to the local video store to rent the newest movies on DVD. Likewise, I'm sure you're all equally familiar with the anti-piracy ad that played before each and every one. Piracy: we know it's a crime, but why? How is downloading a movie from the internet comparable to stealing a car, or a handbag, or a television?

Networked Participation & Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence refers to the thoughts and products produced by individuals working collaboratively. These collectively-constructed ideas become aspects of our everyday lives, of which we all contribute in one way or another (often while being unaware of it!). From the search results achieved by Google, to the content contained in the world’s most famous encyclopedia, Wikipedia; the latest viral TikTok dance, to your Instagram story poll––the common key factor is user input.

Pitch Perfect: An Introduction to my Digital Artefact 1.0

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ2hm4oWM3U As explained in the video above, Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are weekly study groups run by students who've previously excelled in the subject. While PASS has been supporting student learning at UOW since 2002, it was only last year that the team recognised the importance of building a greater digital presence via social … Continue reading Pitch Perfect: An Introduction to my Digital Artefact 1.0