BCM 325 Peer Digital Artefact Pitch Commentary

In BCM 325, we were required to comment and provide constructive feedback on three of our peers' digital artefact pitches, after which we had to then to critically evaluate the feedback we provided. In doing so, it led me to critically evaluate my own digital artefact pitch and identify areas I did not address as well as I had originally thought, which will ultimately aid the construction of my eventual beta presentation towards the semester's end. In particular, I identified a need to incorporate the subject lecture content in my digital artefact, which is something I overlooked during the initial pitch stage. I believe these peer comments have also enhanced my constructive feedback writing, which will hopefully improve the overall quality of my comments during the second round of peer evaluations following the beta presentation.

Pitch Perfect: An Introduction to my Digital Artefact 1.0

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ2hm4oWM3U As explained in the video above, Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are weekly study groups run by students who've previously excelled in the subject. While PASS has been supporting student learning at UOW since 2002, it was only last year that the team recognised the importance of building a greater digital presence via social … Continue reading Pitch Perfect: An Introduction to my Digital Artefact 1.0