BCM 114 Module 2: Prototyping

This is it. The home stretch. As of October 31st, I'll have submitted my final assessment of my final semester of uni. The culmination of seventeen years of schooling, done, just like that. It's crazy to think about how much I've accomplished in those years, and how quickly it all seems to have passed (though not so much at the time). This semester, in particular, has just flown by. Granted, I've managed to keep myself busy throughout lockdown (hitting our 100th consecutive day at home earlier this week), though it still seems way too early to be Week 10 (did October come early this year?).

BCM 114 Digital Artefact Beta

Being the final semester of my degree, I wanted to develop a digital artefact that'd best prepare me for entering the workforce in the coming months. Having run Listen Loud since mid-2020, I decided early on that the continuation of this project would best benefit myself as I'd be able to demonstrate my commitment to a long-term project, as well as my marketing skills. Additionally, with limited and competitive entry-level employment opportunities in entertainment business management, Listen Loud would also help me stand out against other applicants by enhancing my existing portfolio.

BCM 114 Module 1: Ideating

This semester marks the end of my four years as a University of Wollongong student, and while reflecting on this fact during the mid-year break, I began picturing my life post-University and considering what I wanted it to look like. One thing I was sure of was that I wanted to continue to pursue a career in social media marketing and event management, and that this would entail the continual building of my portfolio to stand out amongst other applicants in such a competitive industry.