BCM 114 Digital Artefact Beta

Before reading, view the first instalment here.

Being the final semester of my degree, I wanted to develop a digital artefact that’d best prepare me for entering the workforce in the coming months. Having run Listen Loud since mid-2020, I decided early on that the continuation of this project would best benefit myself as I’d be able to demonstrate my commitment to a long-term project, as well as my marketing skills. Additionally, with limited and competitive entry-level employment opportunities in entertainment business management, Listen Loud would also help me stand out against other applicants by enhancing my existing portfolio.

As discussed in my pitch, I’d planned to utilise Facebook and Instagram to promote my work and encourage the development of an engaged community of likeminded individuals. I aimed to post once per week, with my ultimate goal being to increase my following on each platform, and planned to utilise Stories to engage my audience between posts. Although peer feedback largely supported my ideas, I soon noticed several areas I thought could be improved:

  • After consistently exceeding my weekly quota of posts, I increased my goal to two per week, a change supported by 68.4% of my peers.
  • As Listen Loud is a music blog, it seemed fitting to include a Listen Loud Spotify playlist to complement my writing and offer users more ways to engage. This will be updated each Friday evening.
  • Currently, my online presence lacks audiovisual content, and so I want this to be a key consideration moving forward to further engage my audience. As I don’t have any original content to use, and cannot currently attend live music events, I’m hoping to improve my Stories through more frequent and consistent posting, the use of audiovisual elements, and the inclusion of interactive stickers, polls and sliders.
  • Finally, after observing a decline in engagement alongside an increase in followers, I’ve decided to shift my overall focus, placing greater value on engagement as opposed to the size of my audience as this more accurately reflects success and content relevance.

With each new instalment, I’ve shared a progress report on Twitter, the purpose of which was to document and analyse the success of each post relative to those before it in the hopes of identifying trends in my audience’s interests. Twenty-four hours after each post had been published, I noted the number of likes, comments and shares, as well as total reach. Often, this was followed up by further analysis and observations, such as the impact certain hashtags may have had on the post’s performance, or whether the artist engaging with the post increased the likelihood of fans engaging, too.

Additionally, I shared a weekly overview of my blog’s overall performance, including total reach, total engagement and follower growth or decline. This allowed me to assess the overall performance of my blog to determine whether I was achieving my goals. Originally, when my focus was on increasing my audience, I was frequently achieving this as new accounts discovered and followed by blog, however, after shifting my focus to quality engagement, I’ve found it’s actually on a decline. Hence, it’s most important that I address this issue as I move forward to maximise appeal to my audience and demonstrate the successful management of a community.


2 thoughts on “BCM 114 Digital Artefact Beta

  1. Hi Taylor!
    Firstly, I must commend you on such a well thought out and put together presentation. Your YouTube video was visually appealing and kept me engaged throughout. My only recommendation is that, if you have the technology to edit audio, I suggest listening back and cutting out large breaths and pauses in your speech to maintain the professional flow.
    You did a fantastic job at adhering to the time limit provided and using your blog post to attach any other supporting material and information that could not fit into your video.
    I admire your ability to take on board feedback and create prototypes of what has been suggested to you. This is something I have been doing myself with my DA, where I am seeking recommendations from my users regarding what exactly they want me to post, which is something I think would benefit your project greatly! By asking your users who their favourite bands/musicians are, you’d be able to engage a lot of your current users, as well as any potential users who are also fans of this niche.
    The Spotify playlist, in my opinion, is a great idea and one that could really push your blog to reach new and relevant audiences. Although Facebook and Instagram are great tools to promote your product (Listen Loud), Spotify listeners truly fit your niche, as this is an app that is solely created to cater toward music-lovers, such as yourself. Well done at utilising already existing platforms that cater to your niche and promote your project!
    I see that you want to create more audio/visual content for your project. A suggestion I have in relation to this is to look at utilising the ‘Reels’ feature on Instagram to create short and snappy videos that review/promote the bands and music you are posting about. A great example of this is @lauryns_library on TikTok (https://www.tiktok.com/@lauryns_library/video/6959176069882694918), who posts 60-second book reviews without revealing that they are book reviews – hooking the audience in at first, then ending with promo for the book she is reviewing. This could potentially be a style that you use to promote the posts you have written for your blog each week, using your excellent digital design skills.
    Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to see what you do next! Wishing you all the best in the final weeks of your last semester.

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