BCM 114 Digital Artefact Pitch

My digital artefact is the continuation of my existing music blog, Listen Loud, to address the problem of limited and competitive entry-level employment opportunities in the Australian music industry. With equal passions for live music and digital marketing, this project will contribute to the expansion of my professional portfolio to support my application for industry positions following the completion of my degree. To do so, my primary focus this semester will be on expanding the Listen Loud community through the further development and optimisation of my Instagram and Facebook accounts, and creation, curation and communication of content.

My project’s social utility is two-fold. Firstly, I aim to expand my personal portfolio through the continued development of Listen Loud and demonstrate my social media management, copywriting and website development skills to best position myself for an industry position within six months (DA Quest 5). Secondly, my project will benefit fans of the punk, rock and alternative music genres through the further development of the Listen Loud community. Users can easily access entertaining and informative content while engaging with like-minded people via two platforms they are already familiar with and active on, being Instagram and Facebook (DA Quest 3).

Further iterations of my project and the types of content shared will be influenced by my previous digital artefacts, extensive secondary research, and user feedback collected over the course of the semester. Explore my previous Listen Loud iterations here:


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