BCM 302 Digital Artefact Pitch


From my personal experience seeking out digital marketing internships and entry-level positions in the Australian music industry, along with extensive research conducted on how to kickstart a career in entertainment business during previous iterations of my digital artefact, I’m very aware of the limited employment opportunities available for students and recent graduates, and the competitiveness this promotes in applicants. Upon realising how difficult it would be to secure an industry position following the completion of my degree, I decided to expand my portfolio by launching my own music blog, Listen Loud.

Listen Loud primarily features up-and-coming artists in the punk, rock and alternative genres, and has now been the focus of two previous digital artefacts where it has undergone many iterations based on continual user feedback. This semester, my primary focus is on utilising its social media channels to grow a community around my blog while continuing my regular publication of articles. Together, these will allow me to demonstrate my digital marketing skills to future employers, and will be a valuable contribution to my existing portfolio.


To address the problem of limited employment opportunities in my desired field, I have chosen Instagram and Facebook as Listen Loud’s primary social media channels for creating, curating and communicating content. Previously, I’ve experimented with accounts across Twitter, TikTok, Reddit and LinkedIn, however, these each proved to be less successful at reaching and engaging with my target audience. Hence, I will be directing all of my available time and attention into Instagram and Facebook to build a portfolio of my work and grow the Listen Loud community.

Below, I’ve indicated the current engagement data for each of my platforms at at August 1st, 2021. An increase in any of these figures will indicate a growth of the Listen Loud community, and will be included as statistical data within my portfolio.

Follow Listen Loud on Instagram here and Facebook here.

Social Utility

The social utility of my digital artefact is twofold. Firstly, I aim to expand my personal portfolio through the continued development of the Listen Loud brand, namely via my website and social media channels (DA Quest 5). This will allow me to demonstrate my social media management, copywriting and website development skills, and directly address the identified problem of limited and competitive entry-level employment opportunities in the Australian entertainment management market.

Secondly, my digital artefact will benefit fans of the punk, rock and alternative music genres through the further development of the Listen Loud community where they can easily access entertaining and informative content while engaging with the brand and other users via two platforms they are already familiar with and active on, being Instagram and Facebook (DA Quest 3).

Previous Listen Loud Iterations

Each of the below blog posts explores previous iterations of the Listen Loud brand throughout my completion of the BCM 206 and BCM 325 subjects, from its initial conception, to experimentation with other social platforms, formats and services, and discussions on how I intend to use my brand to secure myself a position in the music industry upon the completion of my degree. Each of these iterations and discussions were influenced by user feedback received over the course of my project development, and aim to overcome the challenge of limited and competitive entry-level employment opportunities in the industry.

BCM 206 Digital Artefact Pitch

BCM 206 Digital Artefact Beta

BCM 206 Contextual Report

BCM 325 Digital Artefact Pitch

BCM 325 Digital Artefact Part 1: Launching Listen Loud

BCM 325 Digital Artefact Part 2: (Take) Your(Seat)s & Owls

BCM 325 Digital Artefact Beta

BCM 325 Digital Artefact Part 3: Learning to EVOLVE

BCM 325 Digital Artefact Part 4: Future Thinking

BCM 325 Contextual Report


Finally, here are some useful sources I’ve consulted during the development of my project.

12 thoughts on “BCM 302 Digital Artefact Pitch

  1. Hey Taylor! This is a great pitch, it’s presented excellently, easy to understand and everything is clear and simple. I totally agree and support your methodology of changing social media Platforms to Instagram and Facebook as I also think that it’ll be the most efficient way to reach your targetted audience. Totally love the concept of your da of you wanting to get into the music industry combined with your passion for music and digital marketing. Your DA totally gives me triple J vibes and I think that maybe you can do short podcasts (2-5mins) or reaction videos/ thoughts on the new music you listen to using the newest reel feature on Instagram as I know Instagram is really trying to push their reel feature and want to slowly transform into a video making platform. With Instagram, I suggest following and interacting with as many other music accounts as possible as well as following fans that follow punk rock bands to get your account known and out there. I had a look at your Instagram and your posts are totally fire!! I think the only suggestion which I have to compulsory give you is, maybe you can personalise your post a tiny bit more by commenting what you think of the song. EG. This song totally bought me back to a time when I was fighting my way through life etc. (lmao idk what that example was) Your feed looks amazing btw  I love the utility of your DA as I use to be someone that listened to that genre of music (not anymore, unfortunately), I wish I followed a page like this back then so I can keep up with the newest musicians, songs and bops. Overall, this DA pitch is amazing and presented very well.

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    1. Hey Tori!

      Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate the time you took reading and evaluating my pitch!

      When I first started this DA last year, I really went all out with the promo, but quickly realised I was spreading myself way too thin across it all, so it’s been such a relief having just three active platforms this semester. In previous iterations, I was producing YouTube videos and Soundcloud podcasts where I had the chance to actually interview many of the artists featured, but I have next to no video editing skills and it’s not exactly what I wanted to get into which is why I shifted my focus away from audiovisual work and more towards the written elements.

      At the height of my blog, I was dedicating up to an hour each night driving engagement by following, liking and commenting on profiles of industry fans and professionals, but with a thousand other platforms, it was one of the first things I cut back on. Now that I only have a few key goals to focus my time and attention towards, this is definitely a priority to help build up my online presence. Currently, my blog’s tone of voice is one of a brand rather than an individual, which is why I’ve strayed away from too personal or subjective opinions, but I really appreciate the insight and will take this on board in future posts!

      Thanks again for your feedback and if you have any other suggestions, questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I find it so beneficial bouncing ideas off each other so I’m always around for a chat on Instagram @taylor.sumelj and Twitter @taylorsumelj if you’re interested! X


  2. Hey Taylor, firstly I would just like to say that this is overall a fantastic and well presented pitch. I love the fact that you are creating something you are not only passionate about but something that relates to her future aspirations as a digital marketing intern. Motivation and drive I believe is key to creating a great DA project. It is not only beneficial to you, but to the audience as we as the viewers can see the dedication to your work. I love that you are using your DA as a portfolio so you can put yourself in the best position possible in the industry which I once again love the fact that you are creating something that will benefit your future aspirations. It only makes the project that much more interesting and makes me as the audience viewer want to know more about your project and future goals, it therefore gains more of my interest. I would like to quickly mention that referring to the subject outline and requirements for this project, you are identifying already the issue of finding jobs in the digital marketing industry which leads me to think that there is not enough recognition or interest in that industry. First criticism I would mention is the note of two previous DA’s who have previously done a project like yours surrounding featuring artists around the punk rock and alterative genres. I would’ve loved to see some links or a quick screen recorded video of the other projects. I have always been told personally by tutors that no matter what it is or within what content, if you are going to reference work from other people, audio or written, you should always link or reference it in some way. I made this mistake in a blog post for another subject requiring a DA as I mentioned projects ideas that others were doing that I wanted to steer away from but failed to link the projects. You thoroughly describe your ultimate goal for the project with constant links back to how you could use this project for future purposes. Myself as the viewer, I can see that you have a clear idea of where you are heading and I completely understand the concept of you project and what you wants to achieve through your clear statements and the overall structure of your pitch video. You have made everything quite clear and I love the use of the voice over with the screen recording through the whole pitch video. It gives us the audience a visual display to look at rather than text heavy slides which I have been guilty of in the past. At 0.50seconds, you mention that you will be using the two major platforms Instagram and Twitter to showcase and promote you project which I think are two of the best platforms you can use. You could also use SoundCloud if you wanted to for you music genres, although I like the mention of cutting down you previous additional platforms such as twitter, linkedin, tiktok and reddit which I think was the perfect idea. It would’ve been a very unnecessary amount of platform use otherwise when your two major very popular platforms will give you the exposure and tools you needs to complete a successful DA. I also appreciate the use of weekly blogs and using Instagram and Facebook as promotional tools, it is excellently executed on paper. I don’t really have many recommendations other than the ones mentioned above for you as I believe that you have succeed in hitting almost every aspect of the project outline that needs to be done. This is therefore, an excellent pitch with all the detail required to succeed. I strongly believe that you will defiantly be getting your desired job in the future!

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    1. Hey Gracie,

      Thanks so much for your feedback! I really appreciate the time you took writing this and the insights you gave.

      Just to clarify, the two previous DAs I was referencing were my own from previous subjects, which I’ve linked later on in my post. Also, I’ve incorporated both Soundcloud and YouTube elements in previous iterations of my DA, they just didn’t contribute to significant results, hence why I’ve elected to leave them out this time around. I probably should have specified that in my blog too but, as I’m sure you could tell by the speed of the video, I was pressed for time aha.

      I’m really glad you enjoyed my pitch and if you have any further suggestions, questions or feedback throughout the semester, please do reach out! I love interacting with others in the subject and bouncing ideas off one another.

      Thanks again and all the best with your own DA! X

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  3. Hey Taylor!

    Firstly, wow! The amount of work that has been put into this project is very obvious and as a result, you’ve shaped an impressive online utility that is “Listen Loud”.

    Your pitch was very effectively communicated. You stuck to the time limit and visually it was nice to watch. The audio was a little fast but it was very easy to pause and take notes. I also think you used the blog very effectively with the pitch video, you didn’t just recount what you addressed in the video you expanded with diagrams of FIST and timelines for your project which didn’t fit within the two-minute time frame.

    You state that Listen Loud (LL) has a two-pronged utility. It has a very clear purpose in the realm of your career pursuits proceeding University. While I agree that LL has utility for members of the Punk-Rock/Punk-Pop (and related) music community, I feel you have room to further develop the content you are curating on the LL blog and Instagram. From brief research, I have found several academic and online sources that describe the Punk Rock genre as “more than just music”. “It’s more than just a sound, it’s a whole way of being—a philosophy, an attitude, and, crucially, a look.” (https://pitchfork.com/features/from-our-partners/9943-rip-it-to-shreds-a-history-of-punk-and-style/). Your starter pack indicated to me that you are also aware of this, and I think to facilitate your endeavour to expand the Listen Loud community, you should be creating content that surrounds all facets of the punk community, and not restrict yourself to just music.

    The Instagram at the moment looks visually appealing, it is a little static, however. I would love to see you post more interactive content such as videos! From experience, I have noticed that videos perform far better on Instagram. This could be because they are more immersive for a viewer. The artists you are plugging may have released music videos, you may even be able to feature a snippet of their song if the Instagram guidelines allow it. I would also love to see you post more content about the Punk rock community. Inject attitude, and ultimately the Punk/alternative aesthetic into your posts because Instagram is such a visual platform. Here is an article titled “Understanding the aesthetics of Punk Rock” which may be useful to you: (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/265416952_The_Aesthetics_of_Punk_Rock).

    Your blog is very impressive. The visuals and navigation of the website are top-notch! I love that you’ve selected short posts, as your current demographic of millennials have a short attention span. I’d really like to encourage you to put your own review of the music in there! I got the sense from several blog posts that you are bringing publicity to the artists which is great, but trust your voice. You seem so immersed in this passion of yours, I’d personally love to see you develop your own conversational edge. This will help with engagement and readability.

    As a side-note, I think your activity and content on Facebook is extremely effective and well suited (which is evident in past progress tweets you have published https://twitter.com/taylorsumelj/status/1428599601175490562?s=21). PS I am really empathising with your devastation about the cancellation of the LL event in Shellharbour. Covid sucks! Nonetheless it’s a testament to your passion and such a great display of what you can achieve for future employers.

    I thought your methodology was brilliantly communicated, your use of the timeline works well with keeping your progress on track. I love the way you segmented the FIST principles and applied them to your project. Brilliant work! You should be very proud of your work so far.

    Sending good vibes,

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