BCM 325 – Digital Artefact Contextual Report

Project Overview

My digital artefact is a personal career plan to help guide me in the achievement of my career goal of becoming a social media marketer and event manager in the music industry within the next three-to-five years. It consists of a three-part blog series addressing the key tactics currently being undertaken by myself in an attempt to develop the skills and experience necessary to break into the industry, and encourages feedback and insights from viewers in order to fine-tune my process. This blog series was concluded with a video essay documenting my development process and addressing the suggestions raised, and proposes my final career plan which I will work towards achieving over the coming years.

This digital artefact relates to the Future Cultures challenge by addressing the short-term future of three-to-five years in respect to my own personal future as a social media marketer and event manager.

Methodology & Process

Initially, I set out to release three blog instalments over a period of nine weeks (in Week 5, Week 8 and Week 11), followed by a concluding audio essay to summarise my findings (in Week 13). As my digital artefact progressed, however, I decided against the audio piece in favour of a video essay, which would better engage my target audience. The three weeks between each post allowed me to research the themes, consult with others in the field who I’ve previously worked with for advice, and produce a draft. With a full-time study load and multiple external commitments, this was an achievable timeline.

This change in essay format, from audio to visual, was justified in my Beta submission, which also acknowledged my change of audience from my original Pitch proposal. Midway through the development of my digital artefact, I decided to expand my target audience to include aspiring entertainment business professionals, in addition to those specifically in the music industry. Through extensive background research on each of my three topics, I found that many of the skills and experience necessary to succeed in the music industry were largely transferable between different professions and areas of the entertainment industry, and so this allowed me to reach and engage with a larger variety of people.

Pitch & Beta Updates

Pitch: The Future of Me

Βeta: It Keeps Getting Beta

Background Research

As I wanted to focus on four distinct areas of the music industry in relation to my career goal, I had to complete extensive research on each, hence why the research component took up the largest portion of my timeline. In line with my four blog instalments, the specific areas focused on included the value of building a portfolio, the importance of volunteering and interning, and the future direction of the music business industry as a result of societal and technological changes and innovations.

A few of the key resources consulted include the following.

Building A Portfolio

The Importance of Volunteering/Internships

The Future of Music

Public Utility

Although my digital artefact was centred around my personal career plan, its relevance to my target audience was two-fold: firstly, it provided aspiring industry professionals with justified tactics to advance their career progression, such as though encouraging the development of a personal portfolio to highlight and demonstrate their relevant media skills to potential, future employers; secondly, it provided a platform through which these aspiring individuals and established professionals could network and learn from one another, particularly in light of the recent changes within the industry as a direct result of COVID-19.

Evidence of Engagement

In addition to posting each blog instalment to my WordPress account, I also shared each on Twitter and Facebook to expand my reach. As my final instalment contained a video essay, this was also shared on YouTube. Unfortunately, however, my posts received very little engagement, and so the feedback reflected on and incorporated into my Beta and final digital artefact submission was derived from both peer reviews and verbal feedback from industry professionals I know personally.

Relation to the Future Cultures Subject

Discussions around Wendell Bell’s multiple futures led me to reflect on the potential directions my career could go. Obviously, my preferred future consists of achieving my career goal in the next few years, however, as the entertainment industry is so competitive, I recognise this may take longer than I initially hoped (i.e., my probable future). Considering possible futures, however, allowed me to be more creative and predict changes in society and technology that may impact my plan. Perhaps that change would even come from me, if I later decide the industry is no longer what I want to pursue.

The other primary link between my digital artefact and the Future Cultures subject was through an exploration of the role of both current and future technologies within the music industry and the role of cyberculture. Following the onset of COVID-19, the incorporation of live-streaming and virtual reality technologies in live music skyrocketed. While these sudden and unexpected changes had a massive impact on the delivery of live music and the ‘future-proofing’ of the industry, the industry in and of itself has been changing constantly since the dawn of time, between the addition of new genres, instruments, streaming services and audio formats. With new technologies being introduced every day, the only constant in the field is change, and so this project was super insightful in highlighting the endless possibilities in the delivery of live music within and beyond my lifetime.

Project Instalments

Part 1: Launching Listen Loud

Part 2: (Take) Your(Seat)s & Owls

Part 3: Learning to EVOLVE

Part 4: Future Thinking

Success & Limitations

In reflecting on my original intentions for this artefact in relation to what it ultimately became, I do feel as though, overall, my project can be considered a success. I was able to share my thoughts and justifications on my current career plan with an audience, and incorporate their feedback into the fine-tuning of my strategy in order to best position myself for a role as a social media marketer and event manager in the music industry.

The biggest limitation of my work was in regard to the limited feedback received from my intended target audience. While the peer feedback received was still valuable and insightful, and contributed to my final proposal in my video essay, I would have liked to receive more written feedback from a broader range of sources. A better promotion and sharing strategy, hence, would be my primary consideration if I were to re-do this project.

Although my digital artefact consisted only of three blog instalments and a video essay, the music industry is constantly changing, and my own preferences and goals are evolving as I grow. Hence, my career plan is likely to evolve as time goes on, too. As such, I think there is a great benefit in continually seeking feedback and criticism from those succeeding in the industry, as well as in staying up-to-date with events and innovations that may possibly change the live music landscape as we know it.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the outcome of my project and will continue incorporating the advice received as I establish myself in the industry. Thank you so much to everyone who engaged with my project throughout the course of the semester, and I’ll see you in the future.

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