Pitch Perfect: An Introduction to My Digital Artefact 3.0 – The Future of Me

When I was nine, my mum took me to my very first concert – The Veronicas’ Revenge is Sweeter Tour at the WIN Entertainment Centre. I immediately fell in love with the industry, and have always wanted to be a part of it in one way or another, though with no musical talents of my own, it wasn’t until I discovered my passion for social media and events that I knew what role I wanted to play.

Since that realisation, I’ve produced my own music blog titled Listed Loud, accepted multiple internships and work experience opportunities, and volunteered at countless music-related events, all in an attempt to kickstart my career and secure my future place in the industry. Considering this, it was only fitting to focus my digital artefact on the future of myself and my career aspirations.

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15 thoughts on “Pitch Perfect: An Introduction to My Digital Artefact 3.0 – The Future of Me

  1. Hi Taylor!

    This is such an interesting idea for a digital artefact. Well done for thinking outside of the box and creating a DA that will undoubtedly be super useful to your future career. You clearly are super passionate about the music industry and your DA pitch shows this.

    In terms of the actual presentation of your DA I would consider combining your last two blog posts (internships and work experience / volunteering and industry networking). I only say this because I think they are all a similar concept, and you might find yourself repeating some of your points in the two blog posts. I also think you could use the third blog post to showcase your audio piece at the end of your DA.

    My only real critique for your DA pitch is to try and link it to some of the subject content more. You could try and link your DA to some of the concepts surrounding possible, probable and preferable futures.

    I think your idea of learning from companies that you aspire to work for is a fantastic idea. It enables you to understand the culture of these companies and also gives you invaluable insights into their place in the industry. I found this article that lists some great music blogs to follow that might be helpful for you in scoping out potential future employers.


    Good luck with the rest of your DA – I look forward to seeing how it progresses!


  2. Hi Taylor! Wow, you seem to have your life plan sorted! I think that is already a successful digital artefact in my books. I really like how you have taken this opportunity to work on yourself and your career goals instead of a random topic you may never use again after this assignment has been completed. I think by incorporating your previous work, especially from the Listen Loud social media pages and blogs, It will guide you through the process of interviews, meeting new people and of course writing pieces for different brands you may work with in the future.

    As for your digital artefact and research, I think you should look into incorporating the weekly lectures into your project, as well as some extra research into topics such as marketing, social media and so on. There are many useful resources on the BCM325 moodle book, including a topic from Week 5 which talks about “Think Tanks”. “A think tank is a research institute or policy centre, which conducts research and lobbies or advocates to government and businesses on a topics including military strategy, economic, social and cultural policy as well as technology, health, education and so on”. This could be useful towards your research as you are looking into different companies and communities.
    As for the topic on the importance of work experience, I would be interested in hearing what the future of that looks like now that we are currently going through a global pandemic and how that may effect you, and the future of business. I have also posted a link to an article about “The Future of Work After COVID” in hops that will help with your research.



  3. Hey Taylor! I love your DA idea and your passion for social media marketing and event management is intoxicating. I believe that it is super important to start planning now what to do after we graduate university and to find the best ways to land our ideal job. I stumbled upon some points that might be helpful and encouraging while you progress in this project. https://www.nbcnews.com/know-your-value/feature/5-tips-land-your-dream-job-2021-ncna1252694 This article gives some tips to land your dream job. Some of the main ones include building experience and skills, reach out to employees in your dream job and share your passion online. But as I can already see in your pitch and blog posts you have incorporated these aspects already, which is great. An inspiring quote by Bryanne Lawless states “soon enough you’ll find yourself in the shoes you always imagined yourself to be in”. I think this is relevant to your story as you fell in love with the industry at a young age and since then have started building your way to the end goal.

    The topics for your blog posts are relevant, but you could also build on these ideas further. For example, in the second blog post about volunteering and work experience you could conduct an interview with someone in your field of interest and they could give some more advice. On the other hand, you could speak about your own experiences in volunteering and how that has helped you build your skills further. I found an article on why work experience is important which might be beneficial to that blog post in particular. https://hellograds.com/jobs/internships-work-experience/why-work-experience-is-important/ Overall, good luck with everything and I hope this project helps you in the future and you can get your dream job!


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