Networked Participation & Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence refers to the thoughts and products produced by individuals working collaboratively. These collectively-constructed ideas become aspects of our everyday lives, of which we all contribute in one way or another (often while being unaware of it!). From the search results achieved by Google, to the content contained in the world’s most famous encyclopedia, Wikipedia; the latest viral TikTok dance, to your Instagram story poll––the common key factor is user input.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘global brain‘, the impact of collective intelligence and networked participation has also been used for significant investigational work, such as the police force requesting witness statements after a robbery, or the infamous ‘capture the flag’ heist of 2017. Every time you share a post, vote on a poll, comment on an article, or write a review, you are engaging with and contributing to collective intelligence.

Check out my video above for further examples of collective intelligence in action, and be sure to subscribe for more!

8 thoughts on “Networked Participation & Collective Intelligence

  1. I think your remediation is absolutely fantastic! It clearly demonstrates how diverse yet simple collective intelligence is and you made such an aesthetic video to capture it!
    I love that your discussion made me consider how powerful the platforms are that I use everyday and also made me think about how node-to-node communication is far more empowering than monologic media. It’s cool we are able to sift through and find our own ‘data’ amongst the rest rather than having it fed to us through a pre-determined frame or gatekeeper. Check out this link if you wanted to explore more about decentralised networks, as I think you have really opened up a conversation

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  2. Hey Taylor! Great blog post! I especially loved the way you created and interpreted your own YouTube video to best describe what you’re trying to discuss. I found that referring to the everyday commonly used social media platforms such as – Google and Instagram to name a few, was very helpful in allowing me to understand user input through collective intelligence. Thanks for a great read! – Ebony. 🙂

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    1. Hi Ebony, thank you! That’s exactly what I was going for—to show the audience how we all participate in expanding our collective intelligence, even without realising we’re doing it! All these platforms that contribute to our collective intelligence have become so commonplace in our everyday lives that we often don’t reflect on the massive impact a single like, share, or post can have in the grand scheme of things, and the video was a fun way of expressing this. Be sure to follow my blog for more content like this!


  3. Your remediation is honestly the best I’ve seen, it really does show instead of tell. I completely agree with the way you have spoken about collective intelligence and network participation and how it can be seen as a global brain in the sense we all work together to create data and we don’t even realise. Such a good post and even better remediation! this has helped me so much in understanding the concept.

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    1. Hi Celtie, thank you so much for your feedback! I’m really glad you were able to take something away from my blog and enjoyed my remediation! If you link your blog post below, I’ll be sure to give it a read! It’s always interesting to see the different ways people approach the same topics. While you’re at it, I’d love it if you could check out my Facebook page at and give it a like. Thanks again!


  4. Hey Taylor,
    I really enjoyed your remediation! You clearly showed a great understanding of the topic and that definitely showed in your YouTube video. In my blog I also talk about how collective intelligence is a collaborative process allowing each and every person to contribute to and generate content.
    Thanks for creating such an awesome piece!

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