The #BCM112 DA: Keep it Simple, Stupid

Too often, I find myself overcomplicating and putting unnecessary effort into things I do, particularly those on which I will be assessed. Usually, this pays off, although it takes a considerably longer amount of time than necessary, and being now a third-year student, I don’t have the luxury of spending twice the time required on every task I receive to make it “perfect.” The BCM112 Digital Artefact (DA) is no exception.

In the weeks leading up to semester, I had considered every possible idea for my DA. Maybe I’ll create an Instagram page for all my travel photos. Maybe I’ll blog about all the events I attend, and review them. Maybe I’ll share my extensive collection of dad jokes on Twitter under the name @daughterjokes. Up until recently, I was even set on the idea of running an Instagram/YouTube account called @seekdiscomfortuow, where I challenge both myself and students at the University to put themselves in situations that push the boundaries of their comfort zone.

It was only after the first lecture, where we were advised to choose a DA incorporating something we were currently doing, that I realised I already had a well-established project to use–the PASS at UOW Facebook group. Not only had I been a regular attendee of PASS–a globally-recognised program encouraging group learning in the form of weekly peer-assisted study sessions (PASS)–but I was now both a senior PASS facilitator for ACCY111, and the student marketing assistant for the program. All of the group’s content was my own creation; many flaws and areas of improvement were identified in the previous eight months that the page had been active; and I was solely responsible for managing the group. Better yet, I was being paid for the work I had put into it. It was the perfect DA opportunity.

With an entire semester ahead of me and a solid foundation for the group, I really want to focus on increasing engagement and memberships, as well as producing more original content of value. If you’ve already made it this far through my blog, go join the group to follow my progress. I’d love some feedback!

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